Knitting in Progress

This Page is Currently Under Construction and In Progress- Thank You for Your Patience

I’ve been knitting off and on (I hate that phrase so much to describe a knitting resume, but there it is, anyway) for the last 10 years. That’s terrifying because I haven’t gathered nearly as much skill as I would have thought in that period of time.

I’ve never knitted a sweater or a skirt. I’ve never made a hammock or a giant pouf-style ottoman or chair.

I can, however, make scarves for my five year old niece in colorful, strong cotton yarns that she adores and can stretch out and beat up to her heart’s content with no harm done to them and that last her until she outgrows them. I am working on two different versions of The Beekeeper’s Quilt, one in the sock yarn that the pattern asks for as a gift to myself (it’ll be finished someday, the kids’ stuff always comes first) and one in all different cotton yarns for my niece that is a bit bigger (her quilt pieces are probably almost half again as big as my pieces). I can also do things like look up patterns to quickly knit up dishcloths/potholders with winter scenes on them on the way to Christmas, as last minute gifts for my cousins who are starting homes and families of their own. I’m accomplished in all the ways I need to be, though I’ll never stop learning. I still need to learn how to card, spin and dye wool, especially!



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