Subscription Service Review-$10 Ipsy Glam Bags

Hello, fellow makeup lovers! Welcome back to my blog and thanks again for following along!

About three years ago, I finally purchased an Ipsy subscription. They’re only $10 per month, a shockingly low price for anything these days (I just spent $9 on a clear-colored lip liner from Walgreen’s the other day). Each month, they send you a makeup bag (These are different each month and have two variations of the bags lots of times. For example, they sent out a bag in November 2016 that was a navy blue with constellations on it. The bag I received had gold constellations while the bag that my mom received had silver constellations, as well as coordinating zippers and zipper pulls. I wish I had a use for both of them, I would have asked for hers as well!).

Now, a word about their customer service. I had my first month’s Glam Bag sent to my mom’s house, since I was living somewhere without reliable mail service. She called me on the phone, to tell me that it had come in the mail and she would put it up for me. I thanked her because I didn’t have a car and couldn’t get around very easily. The next day, she sent me a text message, asking how I liked my bag. I was confused because I hadn’t even left my house except to go to work and back. Turns out, one of my younger sisters stole the whole bag from inside the pink, shiny envelope that they’re sent out in each month. I was devastated, crushed. It says right there on the website that there are only so many of each item. I didn’t have the extra money on my card right then and had been so excited. I went ahead and sent the customer care team an email, explaining what happened (in nicer words than I really wanted to) and asked if they could please throw together another Glam Bag for me that month and to just charge my card again. They responded within a 24-hour period with a sincere-sounding apology about what had transpired. They jokingly suggested that my sisters get a Glam Bag of their own and then promptly sent me another bag out without charging me. I was bowled over. Shocked. Amazed. Impressed. I was hooked.

There will typically be five items in your bag each month. These can include sample and/or full sized products such as makeup brushes (I’ve probably received at least 10 different brushes, at least 8 of these have been full-sized and now I will never need to purchase a makeup brush myself ever again! Besides, buying brushes is such a bitch, they’re usually so pricey but in these instances, you’d be receiving full-sized brushes from brands like Luxie, whose brushes range from $12-$24 (for $2) or Skone Cosmetics, ranging from $9-$21 (for less than $2).

Other makeup products that you may receive include things like lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liner, blush, eyeliner, primers, eye shadow, skin creams, exfoliants, peels, face masks, highlighters, contouring tools, mascara, acne and skin treatments, etc. Pretty much everything and anything that you could ever use to do up your face!

I’ve received products from brands like Urban DecayThe Balm CosmeticsTrust Fund BeautyNYX CosmeticsIT Cosmetics (best eyeliner pencil EVER!) and Elizabeth Mott, to give you some idea of what we’re working with, here. I even had one of those Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls blush brushes sent to me a month before they were released for sale to the general public!

Overall, I would rate this company and service a 4.5 Stars out of 5. You would be doing yourself a dis-service if you don’t at least check them out. Here Is The Ipsy Link but don’t forget! I still have 5 Free Glam Bags to Send Out, so you could actually end up trying your first one for free! Leave a comment below if you’re interested!




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