Today Was the Day

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today.

Not the day she said her first word or took her first step. Not the day she first smiled or had her first laugh (that was a couple of days ago).

Today she tried her first real food. A truly bittersweet experience for a breastfeeding mom like me. Never again will I be her sole source of nourishment.

Now I know that “Food under one is just for fun”. I get that, I do. Today though, my monkey had her first taste of bananas and she will never return to only my milk. I can’t be upset about it, though. She’s growing without any problems and takes to new things like a fish to water. I’m so proud of her.

She sat right there in front of me, on Dad’s knee while he fed her. After just a taste or two, she was already getting upset in between bites (I’m using that term to describe a TEENY amount) that Dad wasn’t moving quickly enough and even grabbed his hand holding the spoon to guide it to her mouth! How could I be upset? I’ve always known that our time together, just us, would only last so long.

And at least she still needs me to cut her nails! XD





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