Makeup Review!* Organic Surge Daily Care Perfecting Face Polish *


Here’s another review for my lady friends. This one is a product that I received in my Ipsy bag from August of this year.

If you’ve never looked into Ipsy before, I can’t recommend it more highly. It’s a $10 per month makeup subscription service (AHHH, another subscription service?!) I know, but it’s BETTER THAN THE REST. Almost every single product that I’ve ever gotten in one of their Glam Bags (you typically receive 5!) has been worth more than the whole subscription for the month. Most of the time, these are such high-end products that I would never have tried them in my literal entire life had I not been signed up with Ipsy. One more reason that I’ll give to you and then I’ll stop, I swear, is that besides the things I’m sent like brushes (which means beyond my basic brush set that I already had, I’ll literally NEVER need to buy ANY kind of specialty brush that I PROBABLY wouldn’t have wanted to spend money on in the first place, but now OWN) you receive many full-sized products, plus an originally-designed makeup bag each month.

Anyway, onto my review.

I cannot say that I enjoyed this product one bit. It has a misleading appearance and I was definitely fooled. The packaging is pretty and I was excited at the mention of their use of essential oils.

I expected a face scrub, possibly similar to St. Ives apricot scrub? It couldn’t be further from that.
First, there are hardly any beads in this whatsoever. Finely ground olive stones, WHATEVER. I shrugged that off and after spreading it across my face, rinsed it all off in warm water in the shower and when I touched my face, it was COVERED in oil. It felt like I needed a SHOWER. I had to use another face wash to wash off all the oil this left afterwards. I would never buy this product and from reviews I’ve read, most of their products are rated similarly.

Once again, I would never recommend this product.


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