Baby Shower Blues

I’m feeling nervous about my baby shower.

I’m throwing it earlier than as is “traditional”, as I was reminded of immediately after receiving a complaint from one of the future grandparents about the date I chose and how they would be out of town. Not to mention, this was much too early of a date.

I was crushed.

I’m doing this by myself. I’ll be planning and setting up every increment of my own baby shower myself, without help from any family members or friends.

I entrusted a friend of 10+ years with taking care of all the details of the shower. She volunteered and told me she didn’t want me worrying about anything. She set up an event for it on Facebook. I filled in the details on the whole page. I sent out a message to all the invited guests, asking them to send their mailing information to her for the invitations. I checked with her three weeks later, she’d collected about four or five. My own boyfriend had sent her more than that himself that he’d gathered from friends and family.

Then I finally buy the invitations. I sent out another request to the guests in the Facebook event, asking them to send ME their mailing information as my planner had fallen through and I would be doing it myself. I waited two weeks and sent out multiple requests to everyone, on mine and my boyfriend’s personal pages as well. Finally, I sat down to write out these invitations, all forty of them and their envelopes, myself. I plan to mail them out the next morning, first thing.

Immediately, I’m being asked if I sent invitations to so-and-so and so-and-so. Well, did they send me their mailing information, like I asked them directly to? Of course not, but that’s on me in their minds. How could I have overlooked them while waiting for a response if they were interested for months? When did baby showers become about the guests being an inconvenience over it being about the mother and baby?

I always thought that when I had my children, they would be part of a larger family that was interested in them and wanted to be around. What I’m finding instead is more and more reasons to move away.


Gin and Jam Drink Recipe

I like the idea of adding Sprite or 7-Up to fill at the end of this recipe.

Makes one drink

1 oz gin

1 oz jam (any jam will do!)

1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lime juice

Crushed ice

Jam or mason jar that still has its lid

Pour gin, jam, and lime juice into the jam jar. Secure the lid on tightly and shake vigorously for ten seconds.

Add crushed ice and enjoy!

Green Bloody Mary Recipe

In a blender, combine and puree the following ingredients: 6 tomatillos, 2 yellow heirloom tomatoes, 1 dill pickle, 3 garlic cloves, 1 seeded Serrano chile, 1 ounce Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, 1 1/2 tablespoons preserved lemon, juice of half a lime, 3 dashes Tabasco, and 1/2 teaspoon each sugar, salt, and pepper. Salt the rim of a glass with a mixture of equal parts salt, pepper, sugar, and Aleppo pepper. Fill the glass with ice and strain the blended mixture into it.

Makeup Review! IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner

Hello everyone! I’ve got another review from my August Ipsy GlamBag. Fortunately, my views on this product are vastly different than the last one. If you don’t know about Ipsy, check my last post, where you’ll find my rave reviews on it. So, here are my thoughts on this mini gel eyeliner by IT Cosmetics.

At first this seemed like any other pencil eyeliner, but it turned out to impress me.

It didn’t want to stay on my waterline when I applied it, but hours later, even when I was rubbing at my eyes, I didn’t have any of it come off on my hands. HOURS LATER, it was STILL THERE. Now, I don’t know what shape of eyes the rest of you have, but I’ve got Finn in my background and my eyes are slightly almond shaped. This means that any makeup around the corners, creases, etc of my eyes or face develops lines, mars or disappears QUICKLY. This showed no signs of that whatsoever and didn’t rub off.

A full-sized version of this eyeliner can be found here for $22, but you’d be better off checking out the GlamBag link above ^_-.

Makeup Review!* Organic Surge Daily Care Perfecting Face Polish *


Here’s another review for my lady friends. This one is a product that I received in my Ipsy bag from August of this year.

If you’ve never looked into Ipsy before, I can’t recommend it more highly. It’s a $10 per month makeup subscription service (AHHH, another subscription service?!) I know, but it’s BETTER THAN THE REST. Almost every single product that I’ve ever gotten in one of their Glam Bags (you typically receive 5!) has been worth more than the whole subscription for the month. Most of the time, these are such high-end products that I would never have tried them in my literal entire life had I not been signed up with Ipsy. One more reason that I’ll give to you and then I’ll stop, I swear, is that besides the things I’m sent like brushes (which means beyond my basic brush set that I already had, I’ll literally NEVER need to buy ANY kind of specialty brush that I PROBABLY wouldn’t have wanted to spend money on in the first place, but now OWN) you receive many full-sized products, plus an originally-designed makeup bag each month.

Anyway, onto my review.

I cannot say that I enjoyed this product one bit. It has a misleading appearance and I was definitely fooled. The packaging is pretty and I was excited at the mention of their use of essential oils.

I expected a face scrub, possibly similar to St. Ives apricot scrub? It couldn’t be further from that.
First, there are hardly any beads in this whatsoever. Finely ground olive stones, WHATEVER. I shrugged that off and after spreading it across my face, rinsed it all off in warm water in the shower and when I touched my face, it was COVERED in oil. It felt like I needed a SHOWER. I had to use another face wash to wash off all the oil this left afterwards. I would never buy this product and from reviews I’ve read, most of their products are rated similarly.

Once again, I would never recommend this product.

Makeup Review! Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme ^_^

Hey girlies!

Welcome to this edition of my blog, which is a product review for Too Faced’s Lip Injection Extreme ‘Turbo Power Supreme Plumping Lip Gloss’.

First of all, can I say that I adore this brand? Truly, I’ve only ever used two products of theirs without end, both lip glosses, the first of which I STILL HAVE (ten years later, shhh). I’m fairly sure that they don’t make it anymore because I’ve looked for it online and cannot find it anywhere. It’s their Status Gloss in Sugar Daddy, a beautiful, molten metal, peachy gold, thick, delicious-looking lip gloss that goes on like a coat of candy gloss. Did that make sense? It created the perfect visual in my mind.

Anyway, onto the Lip Injection Extreme lip gloss. The packaging is pretty, with a clear tube and a frosted, gold cap with detail. The gloss itself has quite the faint shimmer inside the tube, with a slight opal-esque shine. When closing the cap, no product gets pushed out the sides, which is something I can appreciate. The smell of the gloss is pleasant and reminds me of something I’ve smelled before, maybe another type of plumping lip gloss? Not too sure.

Of course, it has the typical, ten-minute sting that comes with any type of plumping lip gloss but it’s not bad at all and I can definitely see a visible difference in my lips. This will be in my purse for ALL OCCASIONS and just in case. I am SO HAPPY that I received this in my Ipsy subscription (Check it out HERE!) from September. I would even consider buying this again and if you’re interested in shopping on the Too Faced website as well, I have a code for you to enter at checkout for a Free Deluxe-Sized Melted Chocolate Lipstick with purchase. Just enter in IPSYGWP and thank me when you get it!

Another reason to check out an Ipsy subscription- it’s only $10 a month, you receive 5 products, often even full-sized and this lip gloss cost $28. Figure that into your budget, broads. You really can’t afford not to if you love cosmetics.

*I Just Came to Say Hello*