More Pre-Fall Cleaning

When I was little, my mother would overhaul the house twice a year, doing major cleaning and re-organization. My sisters and I would come home and every random chair and stool or the coffee table would be up on the couch so she could get to the floors (probably her last step before we terrors were loosed on the house from school). She would do this all by herself, with no help from her sister or her husband. I still have no clue how she had the energy to do all this herself. I’m talking pulling her knick-knacks off of every shelf, dusting, Pledging the wood shelves, the coffee table, the French doors which led into the kitchen from our entryway, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors, switching out all her seasonal house decorations with the ones for the next season, including a flag hanging out front that she changed constantly, and not just for holidays. This woman would clean the two kids’ bedrooms, do all of our laundry  and still make us dinner.

I asked her recently how she even managed to keep up the energy for all of this with four kids. She gave me a dodgy answer about how she just did it. Well when she did, the house always had a wonderful energy. The windows would be open, the vent fan on to air out the house before it got too cold, a candle burning (because at this point, flames were still a very exotic thing to our young selves). Maybe that’s part of the reason why I love fall so much. The home is alive with real air, instead of hiding behind closed windows in air conditioning.

Today the man and I continued with the overhaul of our home that I initiated a week ago. As I’m pregnant, my endurance definitely isn’t what it was before and it irritates me to no end that I exhaust myself on simple tasks. During last week, I began pulling boxes out of our second bedroom (what will be the nursery) and beginning a bag for things that I was going to throw away and a box of things to give away. I’m about three boxes down, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s progress! Last night I began cleaning and organizing the kitchen. Things will stay in our pantry for six months before I throw out that half-eaten bag of Doritos. Unfortunately, my damned cat has been climbing through the false window in between the kitchen and family room to get to a shelf and has continually knocked things down, causing something to fall on top of and break the lid of my new dehydrator. By new I don’t mean that it was a better model than the one that I used to have, I mean that I didn’t have one before and just got this one! Ahhhhhh, CATS! My other cat doesn’t cause much issue, so I KNOW that it wasn’t her. Today while the man and his bestie worked on clearing out said shelf and all the pig gear (we also have a mini pig) from the family room and moving all of the aforementioned into the laundry room to free up space for more comfortable times hanging out with friends, I continued my game of Keep/Throw-Away/Donate in my bedroom. I didn’t get through the whole room, but I did make a sizable dent and progress is progress!

Maybe in a few days I’ll be able to kick my feet up and do some knitting. However, I’m currently low on funds to be getting my hands on the yarn and needles I need for the project that I’m wanting to begin. It’s a shawl by the name of Swamp Witch on Ravelry. My username on there is BelieveInLucky, send me a message! I could always use some more online fiber friends ^_^


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