Don’t Be *THAT* Customer

I’d like to preface this post with the fact that I have been working in the customer service field for eleven years, from every front of house position in restaurants, to working behind a desk at a hair salon for men, even to fast food (at a particular, favorite Tex-Mex of mine ^_^. I ate the food the WHOLE year I worked there)…and I feel like I’m getting to the point where even though I thought I had seen it all in the way of deliberate rudeness and generally not giving a damn about the poor fellow human being who is unfortunate enough to be stuck in your service, no matter how temporarily, I have seen a DEFINITE DECLINE in the way that people treat those working in the customer service field.

I’ll also go ahead and say that it’s the big business’ fault for pandering to customers the way that they do, treating the mass of people who frequent their businesses like three year olds who are to be handed everything from the employees’ fingers, allowed to throw tantrums so that THEY don’t have to follow the same guidelines laid down for EVERYONE and treat anyone who doesn’t kiss their ass, bend over backwards for them while they stand and stare at you or even ignore you and generally bob about and smile like an idiot, agreeing with whatever they say or demand, like scum stuck to the bottom of their shoes. We don’t bother you enough to inconvenience you until we have to ask you required questions. Then you sigh, roll your eyes and answer rudely, like we give a damn whether or not you want your receipt and are bothering you for personal information.

So anyway, here are a few examples of horrendous behavior that I’ve seen both recently and frequently. I do want to add that of course, not everyone fits this profile. Everyone is different. If this does fit your experience, I suggest you stop being such an awful example of a human being. If not for yourself, do it for the fact that we laugh about you for days after you leave.

  • If you arrange and rearrange items on my belt as it’s moving and I’m reaching for said items to scan them (and bag them while you stare at me), it makes me nervous. Don’t do this! It messes up my flow. The items are already up on the belt. Why do you keep moving things? Are you solving a puzzle? Trying to defuse a bomb? Just leave it!
  • If you brought your own bags for me to load (for you), let me know before you allow me to scan fifteen items and pack them all into a store bag. Naturally, you’ll stand there and stare at me as I unload everything by myself and repack it into the bag that you knew you brought into the store from the moment you pulled it out of your car. You knew that you had it before you emptied your cart. How about you offer to do THAT BAG yourself since it was YOUR FAULT so that I can continue to scan and bag the rest of your groceries MYSELF? Thanks.
  • If your children continue to stick their fingers into the edges of moving belts, I shouldn’t have to keep watching them and telling them to watch their fingers while you space out on your phone. What would happen if your child was hurt due to your own negligence¬†in my store? You’d probably sue, because that’s the American way, right? Your children should also not be hammering the button to my belt while I’m trying to USE IT for YOUR GROCERIES. They shouldn’t be allowed to steal giant handfuls of paperclips/rubberbands/whatever other tools we have to better serve you. IF YOU ALLOW THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR, YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED IN PUBLIC, LET ALONE ALLOWED TO TAKE YOUR CHILDREN OUT.
  • If I have to prompt you through every step of your credit card transaction, when the terminal screen isn’t even FACING ME because you can’t be bothered to pay attention for more than thirty seconds, you probably aren’t intelligent enough to be let out of the house. I can’t imagine how you even made your way here.

In closing, I’d just like to say that everyone really needs to start taking a closer look at how they treat the people waiting on them in everyday life. Just because someone can’t respond in the fashion that you truly deserve, doesn’t mean you should act in a way that would horrify your parents.